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Signed, Sealed; Lord, Deliver!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

UPDATE: We are now fully funded!!!!

We were matched to these sweet sisters in January of 2020. They were then 9 and 11, and today they are 10 and 12! In just one year, we have watched from afar how much they have grown and matured already. We look at them now and see two young ladies more than two little girls! Our hearts long to have them join our family soon and not miss another birthday!

At this time, we have passed NOC, which means No Objection to Consent. Before this, we were two separate files, and now in the eyes of Indian courts, we are one case file.

For now, we are just sharing the middle names we plan to give them.  Raine is derived from Matt's grandma's name Lorraine.
A. Raine
Irene was my grandma's name, who was also adopted at age 9!
K. Irene

From the beginning of this adoption journey, when we answered the call in our hearts to say yes, we have trusted God to provide the means to do so. We cashed in our Roth IRA, the $8,000 we had managed to set aside at that time, as our first step of faith. Through fundraising, a matching grant, and the generosity of those who have a heart for adoption and India, God has brought in the rest our needed fees. Adopting two has added to those fees and the traveling costs. We have had two court dates in their state in India, and hope to be traveling in the next few months for our in-person court date. Update: We have received Verbal approval and will travel only once, Lord willing in late spring!!!

Matt wrote a song called "Adoption Takes Faith" when we first began. Our good friend, Brett Strasma, helped produced it. "You are far away, but not out of reach! And we'll have to make our way across the sea." This is the opening line of his song, and has been so true as we believe God has been preparing us for each other all along. As a thank you to anyone who helps us meet this last need, we would like to share the song with you. (Our remaining travel needs for the two trips is estimated at $9,200.) Update on our case and travel!!! We received our Verbal approval from court, and now do not have to travel twice!!! So our new needed amount to raise is $4,700! Praise the Lord! Any donation amount is appreciated! You can give a tax deductible gift here:

Once you make your donation please click the email link below to request the song:

Thank you all for your encouragement and support over these last two plus years! Lord willing, and through your help, this journey is coming to a close!

With love and gratitude,

The Larson Family

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