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Breadcrumbs to India

If you haven't read my first three posts: The Imprint, The Joining and Growing, and Expanding our Horizon, then start there before reading this. Those posts are our story of why we are adopting.

We have discussed the topic of adoption off and on for years! But it wasn't until the light was finally on green that the weight of "where" we would adopt from was laid heavily on our hearts. Because of my experience with adoption growing up, I know first hand how hard it can be. I knew that there was no way I would go down this path without knowing God was with us every step of the way! We prayed about fostering to adopt, and even thought God was leading us to a girl in the system. But that door closed and truthfully we never felt a peace about that direction. We prayed about domestic and International, and felt drawn to International. But even that has so many options, it can feel overwhelming. My heart would feel drawn to one country, but then I'd worry that I might miss who God has for us if we committed to that country.

After reading all the country programs out there, I had narrowed it down to Columbia, Philippines and India. I was struggling to choose an agency that forced me to commit to one country, because I kept worrying about the "what ifs". What if that country closes? I need plan B. What if the agency finds a girl that would fit us more from our 2nd choice country, but we don't have a 2nd choice? Columbia and Philippines were in one agency, and India was by itself at another. At one point, we decided to go with Columbia, but again I did not feel peace to completely shutting India out! But why? It was writing our story on this site that gave me our first crumb.

As I was asking God to please make our direction clear, He led me to re-read what I wrote in my 2nd post "The Joining and Growing". It was where I briefly mentioned that "a seed HAD been planted" that caught my attention. It was learning how girls were treated in India that awakened my husband's heart to adopting at all. Over the years, I've learned that God leads our family through my husband, who is the head of our household. I can't take his convictions lightly! At this time, he was open to any country, but India has been the only one that he talks about with excitement. Breadcrumb one!

This past summer, when I told my sister we had decided to adopt, she connected me to Kristen Williams on facebook. She was in the process of adopting her 4th daughter from India and was just releasing a book she had written about her first journey of adoption called "Finding You: A Memoir". Of course I've been watching her posts and my sweet sister bought me a copy of her book. It really inspired me, but when India was one of my top picks, I worried that it was only because of this influence. I wanted to be sure God was leading. Remembering the seed that had been planted 14 years prior helped me to see that God keeps putting India in our path when it comes to adoption. As I reflected on this, I realized that the only way India is even an option for me is through this connection of someone I have never met! None of my friends who have adopted have even heard of the agency that Kristen used, and all the top agencies I researched are not working in India. In fact, there has been more persecution towards christianity in the country. This should scare me away, and while it does make me nervous, it has also stirred a deeper drive because I see that God has to be leading for this door to open at all. I believe that if God wants us to go to India, He will make the way clear! Breadcrumb two!

I put a fleece out to God to make this decision clear. Kristen had told me that if I was going to India, I needed to work with her case worker. But when I called the agency and asked if I could request her, I was told she is now the director over the India program, so while I could request her, it could not be guaranteed. I went ahead and left a voice message for her, since she was on vacation, and said that Kristen had sent me. I had been informed that I would probably have to pursue her, so I told myself that I would call on the following Thursday if I hadn't heard from her yet.

Tuesday of that week, a lady at my church offered to do a fundraiser dinner of Indian food and painting Henna for the guests! She didn't even know India was where I was praying about! Breadcrumb three!

On Wednesday of that week, I met with my friend, Sara, for coffee. I shared all that had happened so far and my fear of making a wrong decision. After we prayed together, I felt my fears melt and knew that I needed to trust God to lead. On my drive home, I thanked the Lord and felt a peace wash over me. Within 30 minutes of arriving home, my phone rang and Kristen's case worker was on the other end of the line! Breadcrumb four!

We had a good talk about their program, the things happening in India, and she assured me that they were in good standing with the country. I ended the conversation with my request for her to be my case worker. After she informed me that she was not currently taking new clients, she added, but I will commit to taking you! Breadcrumb five!

She has been working in the India program for over 20 years, and I know from Kristen that she takes prayer as part of her matching role extremely seriously! That was it for me! I had no other connection to any other agency or country that was so direct. I know that they will take good care of our adoption journey! We filled out the agency's application and paid the fee that Saturday. On October 3rd, 2018 I received the call that we have been approved!!! Breadcrumb six!

So our journey to India begins! We are all so excited to see how God will clear the way throughout this process to bring us to our little Indian princess. Adoption has become very expensive and travel to the country is required, but God keeps showing us that if He is leading, nothing is too big for Him! We are stepping out in faith and are trusting that God will bring those who feel led to help others adopt come alongside us. If you are one of those people and you would like to be apart of this journey, you can donate to our cause by clicking on our "gofundme" link on my homepage. Thank you for your interest and prayers!!!

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